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Image by Ria Alfana

Mindful Art

Image by Amauri Mejía

Art is transformative. 

When art is created with mindfulness, by simply being aware of the present moment, the power of art becomes limitless.

When we create from a place of trust and awareness, self-kindness naturally emerges and helps the process unfold.

When we give ourselves permission to unlearn all of the ways "art should be" we play in the freedom of our own expression. 

When artists create in a safe space, they learn about themselves, feel empowered and relax into the moment. 

Art is a Tool. 

Rember that YOU are an artist. 

No matter what your art teacher said, or what your mother said or what society says...

You are an artist and you have the power to use it as a tool to help you fully express yourself. 

Art is. 

Art is a process, the journey is more important than the end goal. 

Art is a way to understand who you are and the world around you. 

Art is an opportunity to practice courage and kindness to oneself and others. 

Mindful Art Experiences

Alika facilitates Mindful Art Experiences for people who want to get in touch with the artist within. She works with people one on one and in therapeutic and corporate group settings. She has facilitated Mindful Art Experiences at a behavioral health facility for over 4 years and continuously creates a safe space for people to make art in an expressive and transformative way. 

Art for Adults

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Wild Art Club is a transformative experience that inspires people to be courageously expressed through art and creativity.

It is a space to unwind, relax and enjoy the process. We take all the pressure off and let ourselves play with wild exploration.

The present moment fuels the journey and we spontaneously create from a place of trust.

Come as you are, artists and beginners! I promise we will all leave the class as artists.

The Expression  Experience


Enjoy an expressive paint experience that inspires your wild imagination and courageous creativity. 


The class is gently guided to bring out your natural creative instincts. Instead of creating the same subject together, the class celebrates our unique ideas and personal self-expression. 

  • Host a private Expressive Paint Party or bring your friends to the open-air art studio in Hamilton, VA 

  • Create an intimate art experience with your friends and loved ones. 

  • Everyone begins with a blank canvas and follows their own inspiration

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