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Wild Wonder Creators is an arts and nature program that nurtures creative growth for artists of all ages. 

Trust the process, be kind along the way & follow your creative ideas. 

Create your own Art Event

Image by Gradienta

Art Classes

Offering fun and engaging art classes for individuals or groups that can come to you. 

Image by Sean Sinclair

Expressive Art

Offering Mindful Art Experiences that connect to the present moment in a transformative way.

Image by Pavlo Kochan


Offering exciting art parties for all of life's wonderful celebrations. 


Meet your Art Facilitator, Alika Middleton

Alika is an artist who explores the world through a colorful and creative lens. As an art teacher and an expressive arts facilitator, Alika creates space for people to trust their artistic instincts and to confidently follow the process through creativity, spontaneity, and kindness. From art in backyards to art in mental health facilities, Alika creates opportunities for people to connect with their inner artist. 

Image by KOBU Agency
Image by Shane Rounce


Image by LeeAnn Cline
Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos





We absolutely LOVE this program! Wild Wonder Creators has helped my daughter reconnect with nature, creativity, and friends in a safe and supportive environment. I love seeing what she gets to create and explore each week!

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